How to keep shrimps alive

  1. First of all you need is an established (cycled) aquarium. If you aquarium is set up and have been working for several weeks or more, it should be fine. If you don’t have an aquarium you definitely need to buy one and cycle it.
  2. Big fish can eat dwarf shrimps. There is a simple rule: a fish will eat any shrimp that fits into its mouth. But don’t be upset about this, dwarf shrimps grow up to 1.2”, so only big fish can eat them. Some algae eating fish, like ottos and dwarf plecos, are not dangerous for shrimps.
  3. Your filter can suck shrimps unless its intake tube coved with something. A good way to do this is cut a piece of a net from a garlic package, cover end of your intake tube with it and secure it with a rubber band. Another way is get a piece of sponge, cut a chink in it and put the sponge on the intake tube.
  4. That’s all you need. And, of course, you need to keep your aquarium maintained and clean. Enjoy your shrimp keeping!

Yellow shrimps on video

These gorgeous yellow shrimps are for sale.


They are beautiful, rare and, at the same time, hardy and undemanding like red cherry shrimps. They can live and breed in any freshwater aquarium. Their scientific name is Neocaridina heteropoda var. yellow. I will post more info about them here or you can easily find it in Internet.


Price is $4 each, or 10 shrimps for $35.


I'm selling juvenile shrimps. They survive moving better and acclimatize in a new place easily. They will be about 3/4" in size.


Pick up in Toronto near Keele / Bloor intersection.

Shipping allover Canada is available. Shipping cost is $14-$50 and depends from your location. Insulation packing and a heatpack will be provided in this winter time. Ask me for an accurate shipping quote with your postal code.


Check basic shrimp needs and contact me

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