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MOSURA is a specialized set of products designed for keeping high quality freshwater dwarf shrimps. Such delicate shrimp species as Crystal Red/Black Shrimps, Orange eyed blue tigers, Red tigers, Golden bees and Sulawesi Shrimps need superior products like Mosura.

Special care is even more important when it comes to breeding these shrimps. They need more than a healthy aquarium and right water conditions. We are presenting here the whole line of Mosura products that help with every aspect of shrimp keeping hobby. Look at the groups of products and find out benefits they bring and ways to use them.

Being breeders, Mosura have developed tried and tested products for the entire life cycle of crystal red and other shrimp species. CRS Specialty Food is a preservative-free formula designed to enhance the color of algae-eating shrimps. In breeding tanks, Mosura BioPlus offers a blend of fast-acting bacteria that maintain water quality and provide food for baby shrimp. And all shrimps will benefit from the superior minerals that come in Old Sea Mud Rock and Mineral Plus addictives.

Each of these products are thoroughly tested and proven to be effective on a large number of shrimp species, and their life cycles in our tanks before they end up in the shops and in your tanks. The MOSURA series of products are something that you can depend upon; they are products of our years of shrimps breeding experience.

Shrimp Tank. Mosura products
Shrimp Tank. Mosura products

How to place an order

Contact me with e-mail or by phone 647 701 3728


How to get/receive products

You can pick it up in Toronto very close Keele subway station. You can come here almost any time.


Have it shipped to your place. Shipping will be done via Canada post and usually costs $6-$10 depending on how far you are.

I can repack your products into an ordinary envelope, shipping of majority of products will cost $1.50 only

I'm certainly will combine shipping!


How to pay

You can select a payment approach that you are comfortable with. It can be PayPal payment, Email interact transfer, cash deposit, money order or a personal check. Wire transfer will require $10 on top of the total.


When the product will be shipped

I will ship you product on the same day or on the next business day as we have agreed about the order


How to ask a question

Write me to or call 647 701 3728

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